Thursday, 8 August 2013

A positive response from 'the Man Inside the Jacket'-GF Tayto on the way!

Mr Tayto has responded to my letter with the following:

Hi Jennifer, thanks very much for your letter - I enjoyed reading it. As you know, there is a lot involved in making sure any product is really gluten-free and myself and the team at Tayto have been working very hard on this for a while now. We hope that sometime next year we will be able to introduce a product suitable for all gluten intolerant people so everyone can enjoy Tayto. I'll keep everyone posted on our developments as much as possible. Thanks! Mr. Tayto

Thank you Mr Tayto, you have made a four year old girl, her mummy and I'm sure many other people with Coeliac's very happy!


  1. well done...we'll be watching out for them.

  2. We'll hold you to it lol, can't wait, hope they taste the same.

  3. Fair play to you Jennifer, keep up the good work :)

  4. Hey! We read your story and really want to send you guys some Gluten free Irish crisps. I cant find an email address to contact you directly? Best Regards Katie

    1. Hi Katie, That's very kind of you! My email is Thanks a million, Jen